This is for you, Danielle!

Since I'm fairly certain that Danielle is the only one still reading... and she's previously asked for the "Carson Birth Story" I'll try to recall the details and anyone who stumbles upon this might be somewhat enthused. ... Birth Story... where do I even start?

Friday, September 17, 2010 was my last day of work before Maternity Leave. I was due September the 21 and was planning on being overdue (I really hate disappointment, so I figured I'd go with worst case scenario in this instance). I thought I'd have a chance to relax a little bit, bum around on the couch, maybe put some finishing touches on Carson's room, etc. That night as my last "hoorah" we went to Matt's parents for Mama's Pizza and a movie... although now I can't remember what movie it was. Oh yeah, Date Night! Anyway, this was also not an uncommon thing, we usually went to Matt's parents on Friday nights.

We came home pretty late... and got to bed pretty late as well (poor planning on my part). At about 3:00 am, my water broke. Turns out this only happens for like 15% of women. At first I wasn't sure that that was it. I wasn't having contractions, and I wasn't quite ready to be excited (again, the whole disappointment thing). Matt was pretty confident that it was my water (I mean, what else could it have been? It didn't smell like I had "wet" the bed). After I was convinced this was the case, I called my mom. My dad actually answered and asked for us to call as we got closer to Harris SW. I then called Matt's Mom. This was what I call Grandma Epic Fail. She didn't answer! The entire 2 weeks before that she would answer the phone "Is it baby time?" and THE one time she should've answered, she didn't. Turns out, her phone was still on silent from the movie. So, I then call Mary. Sidenote- Mary is the best way for us to communicate with Matt's family. She answered in a very groggy voice (after all, it was 3 am) and I said, "Mary, your mom needs to answer her phone!" and she responded "**Gasp** Are you serious? Okay, bye."

So after that I took my time a little bit, took a shower, got some stuff together (still no contractions). Even Matt took a shower. Matt made me take one last pic (I thought about posting it, although it's by far THE worst pic of me EVER). I look like a beached whale. Since I was starting to feel some pain, I decided we should head up to the hospital. It was probably about 4 am at this point.

One of our good friends (and awesome Visiting Teacher) is an ER nurse at Harris SW (Barb used-to-be-Meyers Gilchrist). She had informed me 2 days before that she would be working that weekend and hoped to see me. Thanks for the good luck, Barb! So I called up there to tell her we were headed that way and she said she'd meet me out front with a wheel chair.

She did. And I'll never forget when I got up to Labor and Delivery. Barb wheeled me into the room that they had gotten ready and the nurse asked "what is your complaint?"

I'm surprised my pregnant self did not unleash on this poor ignorant woman! I mean, really! I'm as large as a cow, in a wheel chair, wincing every few minutes in pain IN labor and delivery, what do you think my complaint is? That I stubbed my toe? Hello, I am having a baby!

What Barb later communicated to me was that since I told her that my water had broken, she took that to mean that I had wet myself. I had to explain to her that my water broke at home and that I didn't ride to the hospital on a towel because I had already handled my situation! Turns out I was like the 5th person to have their water break in the ER that night and having your water break is somewhat uncommon.

Once I was in my gown and all, my next question was "when can I get my epidural?" Which was a whole new "adventure".

Once the anesthesiologist came in I was relieved. I knew that everyone said that it can be really uncomfortable for the initial needle to go in, but totally worth it. I was okay with that. In fact, I don't remember contracting any of the four times it took him to get it in my back. That's right, FOUR times! After the anesth. came in he tells me that this can cause paralysis and yada yada. Of course I say "I know, I know, just give it to me!" At this point in my pregnancy, I was SO swollen that besides my toes being actual sausage links, my back was (according to the Anesth.) "all wrong for this." The first time he tried I was screaming (because it hurt) but that didn't mean I didn't want it. I just have a really low pain tolerance- hence the want for the epidural, right? He yanked the needle right out and said, "I can't do this, I'm hurting you too bad." I was afraid he was right, but he gave it one more try. All I remember from that was praying SO hard that it would work. And it did!

This was the best part of labor! I slept. A lot! The nurses were in and out monitoring my levels and such, and I did have to be put on some oxygen because the baby's heart beat was reflecting some stress, but that seemed to be about it.

After a few hours one of the nurses came in to tell me that Carson's head was at a really weird angle. At this point I fear that after all of what I have gone through was a waste because they would c-section anyway. But what the nurse went on to say was that she wanted me to lay on my side to see if I could get him to shift because his head was smushed up against my pelvic bone or something. Long story, short, it worked.

You know, your entire pregnancy people tell you "horror" stories about things to make sure you do or don't do. The one I remember the most was "if you feel pain, ask for more drugs"

It was about 2 o'clock in the afternoon at this point and I was feeling pain besides pressure. I wanted to tell them now before it was too late. My doctor had mentioned that with your first it was common to have 15-18 hour labor. I figured I had a few more hours but that I didn't want to wait until it was past the time of getting any more drugs and having to suffer through it "alone".

So the Anesth. returned to give me another dose of this stuff. Just after that, the nurse checked me and said "Oh, it's time to push!"

This put me into a panic! I wasn't ready for this. I didn't want to push but also, I didn't want the baby to fall out of me because my doctor wasn't in the room.

At this point I had a really good nurse who can see by the look on my face that I had no idea how this baby was really going to come out of me! She then asked "did you take any birthing classes?" to which I answered, "no." Her face told me "out of all of the women I've ever helped in delivery YOU should have been the one to take them" but her mouth politely said "it's okay, women do this EVERY day, you can do this!"Matt leaned over and said "Hon, there's another girl down the hall who is using the same doctor, I think we can beat her!"

So the nurses got out these stirrup thingies for my legs so I had pressure to against. However, I was too short to really use them. So at every contraction my mom and Matt would push against my feet. After about an hour of pushing, Carson Andrew was born at 3:04pm on September 18, 2010. 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20 inches long.

That's the condensed version, if you can believe that. But when the doctor took him out, and rested him on my stomach, all I could think was "someone fix his head, someone fix his head, someone fix his head." Needless to say, he has a really nicely shaped head now.

So there you go, Danielle, hope you enjoyed!

What?? We have a blog?

Good Morning folks (for those of you who still have us on your feed). I happened to stumble across our blog (which I forgot the web address to). SO much has changed.

For starters, ummm, we have a baby. His name is Carson and he is THE cutest thing EVER!!! Also, Matt pretty much quit Tipping the Scale. And... so did I. I miss it a whole lot and would like to get back with it, we shall see.

Matt started his own business and has been doing REALLY well with it! He does Multimedia stuff, corporate branding, videography, editing, etc. and has been working with his sister, Mary (who is getting married in March) in helping her get her photography business going.

I FINALLY got the promotion I've been desiring for a while to the Assistant Branch Manager at one of the locations for the Bank I work for. I'm SO fortunate to have a great boss who, for starters, hired me 7 months pregnant with the hopes that I would return. I did return, but it hasn't been easy. I'll be straight up honest: I couldn't do it without Matt. I've been super fortunate having Matt in my life to get up with Carson each time he cries when I have to get up for work in the morning. Ladies- you can be jealous!

Well that pretty much sums up my life for the past year, that was not nearly as long as I thought it would take. Perhaps I'll get back into this thing... I guess it depends on if anyone else is still reading.

Job Search

Hey everyone. With "Tipping the Scale" on hiatus, and an unexpected wave of free time, I find myself able to update The Cobb Spot. As some of you may know, the company I worked for was recently seized by a credit union and I was let go in the transition. I am in the process of job hunting and so I thought I would use our blog network as yet another tool. My skillset includes the following, and although I'm looking for a full time position, all of these services are available for hire on a per-job basis.

Photo Editing/Manipulation
Corporate Identity Design
Live broadcast
(some)Web design
Motion Graphics
and Consultation in any of these areas

Here is some of my work:

I'd really like to stay in the television or film industry, but I'm also not opposed to doing manual labor. I won't let my pride keep me from paying the bills if you know what I'm saying.

Please keep me in mind should you happen to catch wind of any work that might fit my talents.

Thanks everyone!
Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since we've updated, but that's because we've been working on a special project as of late. We've created a new blog that deals exclusively with Matt and I, and the struggles we have with our health and fitness. (Or more accurately... our complete lack thereof) It's going to be done with video episodes, and we're hoping to do one every week. We've successfully uploaded Episode 1 - part 1 of 3 and the others should be up before tomorrow.

Everybody go check it out and let us know what you think! I'll be the first to tell you that this week's episode is a little dry, but in the coming weeks we have some fun stuff planned. So be sure to stay tuned!!!

The link was incorrect before, but it should be working now... sorry for the mix-up.

From Father to Son

I was asked to speak in church today and the subject was .... SURPRISE... the influence of fathers. I'm not going to post the talk, but while writing the talk I was struck with a creative bug and wound up writing a poem that I'd like to share. Hope you like it.

From Father to Son…


You taught me how to tie my shoes and say my ABCs

You picked me up when I fell down and tended to scraped knees

You showed me how to treat my mom with love and with respect

My manners and my character never to neglect


You taught me when to hold back tears and put on a strong face

You taught me the important things, never to disgrace

Like family- and baseball- my values- and my God

What big tracks I must follow in, if with you I’m to trod


You showed me there were times when we must look out for the weak

That truly we are slighter than the humble and the meek

You taught me being biggest doesn’t always win the round

That rather it’s the smartest man who goes home with the crown


Clean me up and tuck me in, watch over me at night

Teach me when to stand my ground and ready me to fight

For good- and right- and decent things- that need someone to say

I’ll not back down I’ll not turn back, my dad raised me this way


And now I stand impatiently, in this sterile place

and wait to hold my little one and look upon his face

And tell him of the fun adventures we are sure to have

With him and me and Grandpa, as I learn to be a dad


To teach him how to tie his shoes and say his ABCs

And pick him up when he falls down and tend to his scraped knees

As I try my best to teach him how he ought to be

I’ll think back upon you dad, and the way that you raised me 

We're not dead

Okay... I want to first and foremost apologize to any blogfollowers that we do have. We have fallen off the face of the earth but we are BACK!! Let me try my hardest to do a quick update over the past couple of months.

I finally got my new(er) car. My old car was dear to me, but it was also the one Matt used to go to school for three years... it was about 15 years old, had not a/c and no radio. As you can imagine, this made my 40 minute commute very pleasant. In all actuality, I am grateful for it (not that I don't adore my new car). It made me really appreciate things like overpasses. When traffic was really bad and the sun was really shiny, I appreciated the brief time I was stuck under the overpass. Also, it was quiet. It was a good time for me to reflect on things. Or I could sing as loud as and however I wanted to and didn't have to hear someone say "you know, those aren't even notes".

Last month I got a 2007 White Honda Accord Sedan. I know, I'm ballin'! We're fans of Hondas, they've always done right by us so we're loyal. It's nothing special, except that it does in fact have air conditioning AND a radio. It also has a 6 cd changer. Perhaps I'll post some pictures some time. The drawback to my new ride is that my baby girl is (for now) not allowed to go with me. Millie Bear HATES this. She loves car rides and quite frankly, doesn't understand why Daddy won't let her go places with Mommy anymore... Since I'm trying to be a better wife, I respect my husband's wishes and I understand the reasoning behind it, but it's my car and my puppy dog, right?

-----sidenote---- We sold my old car to Matt's cousin Chris. Chris lives in Nebraska. Matt was up that way for business a few weeks ago and brought Chris and his girlfriend back down here so that they could drive the car up there. Umm... Disaster. Matt called his aunt after not hearing from her after that weekend and she proceeded to tell him that somewhere in Oklahoma (i think?) the car broke down. Let's just say it was an adventure.... I still feel really bad about the whole thing. I was pretty sure that car was gonna last forever. Instead, just 250,000 miles. What a disappointment!

Anyway, as I mentioned, Matt was out of town for business for about a week, but luckily was not far from extended family. So it worked out well. He was able to go to church with his Aunt Kelly & Fam and eat dinner there so that he didn't have to break the sabbath while out on business.

Let's see... I've been busy as ever at work. The manager that I assist is still on maternity leave and we're short handed at work so I've been running around like crazy. I feel like there just isn't enough time in the day. The real frustration with all of that is that I'm not allowed to get overtime, but I'm supposed to find time to do 3 people's jobs? Ah well. 

Most recently Matt and I have started a new challenge. A summer 90 day challenge. My end result goal is to be more fit. More spiritually and physically and relationshiply (<--don't think that's a word) fit. We started off with a two day fast which apparently caused a lot of controversy for my facebook friends. We did drink water. I know it sounds like a lot. Our bodies were able to do it. I know that we'll be blessed for it as well. I know that we would be blessed for doing a one day fast, but why not ask Heavenly Father for more blessings? He's waiting to pour them out! I really just needed all of the help I could get, our challenge is a bit, well, challenging. It's different. One of the things that we're no longer doing is watching television during the week. I am SO productive! Who'da thunk? I have time to work out, and work on the house, and get things accomplished that we've been putting off, it's great! I recommend that you all should try it for at least one week. Turns out, I don't even really care for tv. I've also (so far) really enjoyed spending more quality time with Matt. My calling at church can keep me pretty busy, and when I'm not so busy, it's nice to spend real time with my hubby. I've also been finding myself more entertained by Millie (i.e. right now she's sleeping and dreaming. She's doing these little half barks and I'm trying not to laugh too loudly so that I don't wake her up). Maybe someday soon I'll post some videos of her.  (I find that posting pics and videos can be a bit time consuming for someone like myself that doesn't know how to do it or wants to really take the time to, sorry.)

That seems like just about it for now. Matt and I are just stayin' busy. The week after next I'll be going to GIRLS CAMP! WOOT WOOT! I'm TOTALLY stoked. We have such great girls in our stake! It's really a privilege to go to camp with them. 

Also, our anniversary happens during Girls Camp, so the following weekend I'm flying to Utah. Matt has another auction in Park City. He flies out Thursday morning. I really wanted to go with him but I'm taking the previous week off for Girls Camp so I'm flying out Friday afternoon after work and then I'll return Sunday evening. I'm a little bit nervous -besides the fact that flying can be excruciatingly painful on my ears- I've never flown alone. Am I a big enough girl to handle that? Hope so, since the ticket isn't refundable. It'll be our 4th anniversary. Can you even believe it? 

So things are really eventful, but good. 

I'm sorry I've (we've) neglected our blog. Maybe when Matt's out of town I'll have time to figure out how to post pics and videos. I don't know, we'll see. Well, thanks for your patience, I miss you guys!! 

Well as Lindsey mentioned in her last post, I have been working very hard lately on something that (for the moment) I am quite proud of.

The company I work for has a strategic partnership with Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company. Along with prescription medication for people, they make a variety of medications/vaccines and other health products for livestock, and we help them promote those products. Along with producing and broadcasting cattle auctions, Superior Livestock has a full service production department which houses a very talented team of video professionals. Because of our relationship with Pfizer, they have agreed to sit down and discuss the possibility of letting Superior be a main source of Marketing for their company. However, we need to do a LOT of convincing before that is even on the table.

So about 2 months ago I was invited to a meeting to discuss what we could do to impress our prospective clients. It was decided that we would create a commercial, and to make a VERY long story short, I took the lead in the pre-production and between me and my co-worker Adam, concepted the entire thing. Then I was asked to direct the commercial and was in effect given the nod to take point on the entire project.

Unfortunately in the last 2 days of the project the entire plan was scrapped in favor of a new direction. So the bad news is that you will not be seeing this version of my directorial debut on a television screen near you, but it's without a doubt my most impressive work to date, so I finished it up on my own time and posted it here so that my friends and family can enjoy it. So without further ado...

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